Gaselle Darts R Screw Stool

4,917 грн.

Screw stool with plywood seat with a Darts print.


Screw stool with plywood seat with a Darts print.

Highly vandal-proof.

The stool has adjustable seat height in a range of 200 mm. The frame is made of 3 mm thick steel . Colored with powder paint.

Seat height is 40 mm. Seat is covered with wear-resistant lacquer.

Order processing from 14 to 30 days depending on the configuration of the order.


The original modern Loft style design in Loft style with a wide variety of prints. Heavy metal feet make the stool very stable. Seat on a massive screw allows you to select a comfortable height when you enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting at the half-bar table.


The feet of the stool are made of steel and make your landing reliable and sustainable. You will not fall off  this stool definetely. Even if your friend  slap you impulsively on your shoulder, your stool is not shaken.


You can create a unique interior in Loft style of the various items of the series perfectly combined with each other. Your guests will be impressed by a stylish solution.


People of different sizes can easily adjust the height of the stool with simple and easy rotating the screw seat. Everyone will be able to feel comfortable. No need to raise your elbows if you are not Uncle Stepa. No need to bend, if you are a lot higher than the Lilliputians.

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 49 cm


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