We are the tandem of experienced interior and landscape designer Tatiana  Dryukova and Yuri Suslin, the founder of Metal Style company, engaged in the manufacture of individual design of steel structures.


Tatiana Dryukova

Architect by education. She is engaged in architecture and architectural environment design since 1983.

Over the years, Tatiana’s portfolio was replenished not only with houses and apartments, but also with bars and restaurants. Layout design and individual furniture were thought through for all objects, and drawings were implemented at the “Metal-style” workshop.  And then came the moment when the experience of designing and manufacture of individual products is wanted to use not only in our own projects. Talks about it is time to move on to mass production began in 2012. Several years passed, and we along with  Yuriy Suslin, the founder of “Metal Style”company  moved to action. Everything crystallized when the market has stopped to buy very expensive imported goods. We originally set out to begin production of budget furniture.

Delving into every detail to create projects and designing individual furniture for them, as well as working with furniture from world brands, analyzing and accumulating information, the idea of the creation of the author’s own line of furniture was born.

Th line is opened with half-bar stool with metal frame and seat made of plywood with a print. Initially the collection was called “Loft-cappuccino”, but after the first chair with Darts print was bought immediately at the Kiff 2016 exhibition, we have decided that it is a sign and renamed it to “Darts”. Chairs are nice because the seat can be changed countless times. Our chair is well centered, its feet are set so  it is impossible to swing and thus to break the stool. It’s heavy. Previously, heavy furniture was done heavy intentionally that it is not tossed in bars. This will not happen, of course, but furniture will be moved much less. We have most comfortable height of the chair for a person? it’s 65 cm tall and it can be adjusted.. The prototype was as a piano stool. And who says you can not sit on the piano chair at the dinner table? We started with the hard plywood seat, but today there is an assortment of different modifications: the textile and leather. In addition to the chairs in the collection, there are sofas, outdoor benches, bar and half-bar tables. These items are ideal for public places and for the cottages. It is for this reason that architect calls her own products style “veranda”. At the same time, style of the interior can be anything.

Personal site of Tatiana: www.dryudesign.com


Yuri Suslin

Yuri Suslin, the founder Metal Style Company, has come a long way as production worker and creator. Company embodied almost any most complex and unusual design ideas. Often, improving the plan. Creative atmosphere reigns in the company. Having performed complex large projects and having established itself as a reliable partner, company came to the creation of designer furniture. The idea was born 2 years ago, and now it is embodied in the form of the first line, based on the acute demand for reliable, stylish furniture for the places where vandal-proof and durability are valued the highest way. Much attention is paid to the proportions of the quality-price. The main production facilities of Metal Style company are located in Kharkov in KhELZ plant territory .

Metal Style private enterprise works in the market of individual design of steel structures since 2005. More than three hundred objects of varying complexity have been realized during this time. Furniture items are quite common in our development. There were replicas of the Italian and German products of elite class. Also, a large number of items were manufactured on the sketches of Ukrainian designers . All items are produced in a single copy.

Work on the high-quality objects in furniture in small series was started in 2015. In collaboration with Tatiana Dryukova, first items had been developed and submitted to the small batch production already. Each item passes numerous tests for durability and ergonomic line. Style and quality are the main requirements for the furniture that we offer.

The site of the company:  www.ms.kh.ua