Our new collection of chairs at KIFF 2017

From March 15 to 18, we introduced щгк new models of chairs at the KIFF 2017 exhibition. The interest of the visitors and the flattering reviews are inspiring. 🙂 We confess, surprised voices at the question “Where is it done?” and the answer “In Ukraine”, amuse our ego. You can find models of our new chairs and stools in our store.


Participation in the ProstoNeba Festival (Odessa, Ukraine, 2016)

We participated with our small exposure of stools at the #prostoneba festival held in Odess. Good atmosphere, creative neighbors, sun, heat, strolling Odessans near Vorontsov Palace.



Open-air lectures by Ukrainian designers and architects.

2016-06-26 10.35.05


Taras Mozgovoy’s  exhibit from the “Taras’ Angels” collection on our table.



Our guest Sopho Gabadadze, an architect from Tbilisi.


Under Odessian sun



Vadim Shabatko, director of D-art-S.com online store.

vadim (1)


vadim (2)